Chronology of RH Bills

RH Bill
House Bill (HB) 120
Establishing a Population Policy
(Rep. Socorro Acosta)
10th Congress
HB 8110
Reproductive Health Policy
(Rep. Angara-Castillo, Lagman-Lusitro)
11th Congress
Public hearing
HB 4110
Reproductive Health Care Act
(Rep. Angara-Castillo)
12th Congress
Committee level approval
HB 16, HB 3773
Reproductive Health
(Rep. Lagman Jr.)
13th Congress
Approved at Committee level, pending at the Committee on Rules at the HOR
HB 17, HB 5043, SB 3122
Reproductive Health
(Lagman Jr. and Sen. Biazon)
14th Congress
Approved at the Committee level at HOR & Senate, started plenary debates at both chamber
HB 4244, SB 2865
(Rep. Lagman et al, Sen. Pia Cayetano and Sen. Defensor-Santiago)
15th Congress
Approved at the Committee level at HOR and Senate, finished period of interpellation, now at the period of amendments at both chamber

17 years and counting….


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